Invest in Monroe County Real Estate

We work with a team of experts to offer real estate investors of all types to support their needs. Our services are personalized for each investor, whether you are flipping to generate quick cash flow or buying and holding property to rent for long-term income and investing.


Each of our clients have a different goal in mind when they begin to invest in real estate. Here are the many different reasons individuals invest in real estate:

  • Increase cash flow.
  • Save for retirement.
  • Build equity through property appreciation or tenant occupancy.
  • Gain tax advantages.


  • Support from our team of experts. We partner with the top in the fields of property management, insurance, financial advising, tax accountants, remolding companies, and design services to provide you holistic support with your investment.
  • Market and Financial Data. We offer each of our data on annual property operating costs within the comparable property area and EBITDA (earnings before investment taxes depreciation amortization) on their purchases.
  • Property Search. We find possible properties and preliminary preview each of them to get an initial idea of condition and how much it will take to get it in top dollar condition.
  • Comparable Pricing Strategy. We pull comparables for two reasons: to zero in on a realistic offer price and project an asking price when flipped homes are ready to list after the renovations are completed.
  • Property Management Partnership. We work with a local property management company for your long-term investment properties, to ensure your property and tenants are well taken care of while you own the property.