Union Home Mortgage Corp., NMLS # 2229
15479 S. Telegraph Rd. Suite A
Monroe, Michigan 84161

Today, NOIC conducts business in ways that fulfill our responsibilities to four groups: our employees, our customers, our investors, and our community. Employees are treated honestly and with consideration. Our success depends on performance, so we show appreciation for every employee’s contribution. We encourage employees to grow, expand, and feel ownership in NOIC and its products. Customers are dealt with fairly and honestly, in an environment of mutual trust and benefit. NOIC strives to provide superior service and added value to all its products.
We continue to be creative and flexible in designing products that meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Investors expect a return on their investment, so NOIC exercises caution in our stewardship of their funds – avoiding any actions that could threaten the viability of the company. We are proactive in identifying and pursuing suitable opportunities that will enhance the investors’ position. Community service plays a key role in the activities of NOIC. We give back to our community in the form of employee involvement, product development, and financial support. Today, NOIC is owned and operated by four brothers: Mark and Ralph Vinciguerra, and Jeff and Scott Brader. Together, they carry on founder John Coble’s commitment to bringing the American dream of home ownership within every person’s reach.

Jacob Boes
Loan Officer
(734) 652-0733
NMLS #121455 , LMB #LO.050345.000

I consider it an honor to be able to help clients achieve financial success through home ownership. My goal is to take a problem-solving, solution-oriented, communicative, and educational approach to the mortgage process. This means putting the client in the best position to succeed; not the easiest or most beneficial for myself or the company.

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