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The home buying and selling process can be complicated. our resources will help you navigate the process, prepare your home for sale, and better understand the various real estate terms you will uncover along the way.


Should I use a realtor? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

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Empty Nesters: Best to Remodel or Time to Sell?

Your children have finally moved out and you and your spouse now live alone in a four-bedroom colonial (or a similar type of house). You have two choices to make: 1. Remodel your house to fit your current lifestyle and needs; 2. Sell your house and purchase the perfect home. Based on the record of dollars spent on remodeling and renovations, it appears that many homeowners are deciding on number one. But, is that the best long-term solution? Read more.

Home Renovations That will Increase Your Home Value (Some that Won't)

Can renovation projects can be costly and time consuming projects so it is important to know what you are renovating your home, home long will you stay in the home, and what will add value and what will not add value. Read more.