May 28, 2020 at 10:21am | Tera Qualls

In this episode of What is Happening in Lambertville and Temperance, Jenny MacLeod of the 123 Sold Team interviews Janessa from The Salt Cave of Perrysburg. The Salt Cave is a center for Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) located just outside Bedford in Perrysburg, Ohio. The Salt Cave offers Halotherapy sessions in their custom Himalayan Salt Cave, as well as Infrared Sauna sessions. Janessa shares the story behind how The Salt Cave opened and some of the benefits their clients can receive by participating in a personalized session at their facility.

The Salt Cave

The Salt Cave offers Dry Salt Therapy or Halotherapy, which is a natural and drug-free method of relief for respiratory ailments and minor skin conditions. Salt naturally reduces inflammation of the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system. The specially designed halogenerator located at The Salt Cave, crushes dry salt into tiny particles and distributes it throughout the room while you relax and just breathe in the benefits of the salty air during your sessions. 

The Salt Cave was opened by Jennifer Lynch and Jess Wagner after Jess’s daughter Janessa started using a Salt Cave an hour away from home to help treat her Lyme disease. After Janessa’s health began to improve Jennifer and Jess saw the benefits of having a Salt Cave closer to home and opened their own right in Perrysburg.

All first time visitors receive $5 off their first Salt Cave session.

The Salt Cave is located at 318 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551. Get directions.

You can find out more about The Salt Cave at and follow them on social media at and


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