March 23, 2020 at 8:40am | Jennifer MacLeod
While you are spending some time at home over the next few weeks, you are likely looking at all the things you can do around the house. Since, everything can't be done at once, we have put together a list of little things you can do each day to keep your home investment up to date. Each of these items are relatively inexpensive and help to keep the value of your home at the highest possible.

photo of a decluttered living room.

Decluttering and Living Room Make Over

You can get a whole new look in your living room just by taking some time to declutter and rearrange furniture a bit. Each of the tips below can be done without purchasing anything new.

Tips for decluttering and updating your living room: 

  1. Remove all unnecessary items from the living room, this could be small tables you don't use, extra books or decorations that you no longer think fit, or maybe the little bookshelf in the corner that no longer holds anything you use.
  2. Clean and dust everywhere, including floors, walls, window treatments, base boards, and light fixtures.
  3. Re-arrange your furniture to give your space a new look and traffic pattern. If you are looking for advice on what layout might fit your space the best, send us a photo of your living room, our staging specialists can take a look at it and offer free advice on how to best layout your room.
  4. Swap out your living room decorations with some spring decor or something from a different room to give it a different feel. Moving art or decorations around is a great way to make your living room feel new again.
  5. While you are swapping things out, re-arrange how the art or family photos are displayed in the room. Moving just a few things around could make the space look and feel much different.

Picture of neutral paint

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Any Room

Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up a room. Selecting the right color is key to setting the right mood to you room. We recommend choosing neutral color pallets that you can add pops of color to in your decorations or swap out each season to keep your rooms fresh. 

Our recommendations for neutral room colors include:

  • Hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms: Canvas Tan or Repose Grey
  • Kitchens: Canvas Tan or West Highland White
  • Bathrooms: Canvas Tan

Our recommendations for what types of finishes to use when selecting paint for each surface: 

  • Flat: Ceilings
  • Egg Shell: Offices, guest rooms, and bedrooms
  • Satin: Hallways and living rooms
  • Semi Gloss: Kitchens and bathrooms, trim and doors
  • High Gloss: Railings, trim, and doors
If you have your eye on updates in a specific room in your house, let us know. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have about keeping your home investment up to date while you are at home practicing Corona Virus Isolation. Send questions to our staging expert, Jennifer MacLeod at


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