March 23, 2020 at 1:16pm | Jennifer MacLeod

In this episode of What is Happening in Lambertville and Temperance, Jenny MacLeod of the 123 Sold Team interviews Jacob Armentrout of Jacob’s Supply. Jacob discusses how he came to open is store in Temperance, what they offer at Jacob’s Supply, and what services they offer to the community.

Jacob Armentrout, Jacob’s Supply

Jacob Armentrout has been owner and president of Jacob’s Supply, formerly Armentrout Construction, since his father passed away in 2009. Jacob was blessed to be raised by two Godly parents who feared and honored the Lord. After his father’s death, Jacob stepped up into the father role and became the breadwinner for his mom and siblings. It was only through the grace of God that Jacob could do this, by faith in God’s control, not faith in his own power; or rather, lack thereof. He has taken the company to new levels adapting the company to the ever changing climate of retail. He has built a reputation with his suppliers, customers and business partners, as an organized, biblical and exceptional business Christian. Through the adversity of being young and having just lost his father, God strengthened Jacob, and gave him perseverance which has guided Jacob’s Supply from a small company working mostly with local contractors, to a regional company working with contractors and homeowners alike. He has grown the business from a $50,000 a year company to a multi-million dollar a year company. The staff has also grown from a staff of just one, to a 16-member team.

You can connect with Jacob’s Supply at:

  • 7555 Lewis Avenue, Temperance Michigan, 48182

  • 734.224.0978



Directions to Jacob’s Supply: 

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