January 30, 2019 | Jennifer MacLeod
What's Out!

The rustic look of the American farm house is starting to fade with the on set of a modern version of the look.   Less layers to make it clean and simple are the style for this year.  More Glass and metal are being added and less of the barn wood. The barn wood doors are also being simplified to a more sleek look.

Rustic galvanized metals are being replaced with more modern finishes like painted black metals, brushed nickel, and copper.

What's In!

Natural Elements
You will see the introduction of more natural elements to create a more serine organic feel to the home.  Elements like granite, copper, and stone along with natural woods, and fabrics to software the look.    Copper will be huge this year with the red and orange earthy tones it will add an earthy element to the home.  Expect to see more cooper and metal accent decors on the shelves.
Rich Bold Colors
The color palette will turn to richer bolder earthy tons such as reds, natural greens, and bright yellows to add to the earthy theme for 2019.

What are you decorating plans for 2019?



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